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Pricing Philosophy



Many people have concerns over the costs of funerals. We offer a wide variety of services allowing you to choose only what you want and to pay accordingly. You can choose anything from a large formal gathering, a small simple private visitation, an immediate burial or cremation, or anything in between. We can accommodate your wishes and once you determine the services you want, we will give you an exact cost. We will include cemetery and or crematory charges, clergy participating in the services, newspapers, and any other item you want or choose in addition to our services, facilities, transportation and the merchandise (primarily casket) that you select.

Funeral homes operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It is a labor-intensive business with extensive costs for facilities and real estate (viewing rooms, chapels, hearses, etc.). These expenses are factored into the cost of a funeral.

Funeral costs include more than just caskets. They include the services of a Funeral Director and staff who handle legal documents and make many detailed arrangements on your behalf. Your Funeral Director will assist you in dealing with doctors, ministers, florists and newspapers, with death certificates and legal items, and seeing to all other necessary details.

Average Funeral Prices - N.J.S.F.D.A. Click on link to go to a survey of several sample funeral homes' average prices. These prices were compiled by The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association and represent a cross section of member firms including our own.

To help you understand

It is your right and our desire that you have as complete and understanding as possible regarding the cost of our service.

The largest factor is the time element in terms of our personnel and the use of funeral home facilities. The maintenance of this service is never-ending; that is, it must be available 24 hours every day of the year. Ours, therefore, is a 168 hour week and not the 40 hour week which is today the accepted standard.

The number of details is largely the result of one outstanding fact: the fact that no two funerals are exactly alike. Traditions, customs, social position - really a multitude of influences come into play until each funeral becomes an individual and distinct pattern. Our services must be able to conform to each and every one of these. These differing service patterns produce correspondingly different patterns in funeral cost. There must be complete flexibility to meet any one of a hundred demands.

The following list, by no means all inclusive, is expressed to amplify our professional and personal services charges:

  1. Arrangement conference with responsible party to determine services desired
  2. Coordination and direction of the funeral service and participants
  3. Advice and counsel on all funeral matters
  4. Counsel on funeral merchandize and artifacts
  5. Securing Physician’s or Medical Examiner’s statement
  6. Completing and filing Death Certificate
  7. Arranging for certified copies of Death Certificate and Burial/Removal Permit
  8. Arrangements for Clergyman or officiant
  9. Arranging for grave preparation or other form of disposition
  10. Arrangements with pallbearers
  11. Arrangement with and strict adherence to ceremonials and rituals of religious and fraternal orders
  12. Acceptance of, skillful arrangement, and care of floral tributes
  13. Preparing death notice and obituary and placing in desired newspapers
  14. Supervision and attendants for visitation periods
  15. Organizing funeral cortege according to family listing
  16. Personal supervision of vault closure
  17. Receiving calls from friends and family
  18. Telephone information-disseminating funeral information
  19. Assistance with government forms (Social Security, Veterans Administration, etc.)
  20. Assistance with insurance claims
  21. Permanent recording of funeral for legal reference
  22. Notary Public
  23. Full staff services-24 hours each day


Statement of Our Pricing Philosophy Regarding Services Rendered and Facilities and Merchandise Provided To The Community In Relation To Our Present Economy.

We fully realized that everything in our economy is costing us more while many people in the community struggle to keep the same standard of living or quality of life that they have had in the past.

Our charges for Services, Facility and Merchandise reflect our costs in providing personalized and dignified funerals to all in our community. This entails a tremendous investment in the community in terms of facilities provided and personnel available 24 hours every day of the year whenever the need arises.

We will provide our services and facilities and offer merchandise at the same or lower costs than any other funeral home serving the community. At the time of need, you only need to present a Statement of Funeral Goods and Services itemizing and specifying those items to be provided at another funeral home with a current date on it. If the overall total (of Services, Facilities and Merchandise) is lower than ours, we will provide the same at a lower cost to you, upgrade the merchandise, add a visitation period or do something else to add value for you at the same cost. We will discuss options with you at a time of need, yet you will make the decision. This guarantees that you will receive more value for your dollar, while we strive to maintain and increase our volume of business so that we can continue to serve the community with the best, most dignified, personalized funeral service available for many years to come.

This is our guarantee of providing the best services and facilities available, along with quality merchandise at a reasonable cost, as we have done for many years.

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